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Kitchen Renovation – Choosing Cabinets, Countertops and Lighting

Kitchen Renovation is all about enhancing the condition, appearance and functionality of your existing space. This is done without increasing the size of the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation

The scope of a kitchen renovation can vary from a simple cosmetic refresh to a full-scale overhaul that may involve tearing down walls and reconfiguring the layout (permits are often required). Generally speaking, the most expensive upgrades are the ones that add most value.

Cabinetry is the foundation of any kitchen. It defines the space, provides storage and display space for special dishes, cookware, art and more. It can also add a great deal to the resale value of a home. With that in mind, it is important to prioritize functionality and style when selecting your cabinets.

Many homeowners are tempted to replace all of their existing cabinets in order to make dramatic changes. However, if your budget is limited, there are other options. For instance, adding a fresh coat of paint can give your cabinets a new look and feel without spending too much money. Another option is “refacing” your cabinets, which involves covering the current cabinet boxes with a laminate or veneer and replacing the doors and drawer fronts.

Another way to change your kitchen cabinetry is to use pegboard as an alternative to a standard door, creating a one-of-a-kind and useful cabinet remodel. This allows you to store items that might otherwise be stacked on top of each other, such as tin cans or pot lids, in a more organized fashion. Pegboards can also be installed over old linoleum or tile, helping you to save money on the cost of flooring and countertops.

When selecting a finish for your cabinets, keep in mind that natural woods like cherry and maple will last longer than painted finishes such as melamine or vinyl. Also consider adding features like soft-close hinges and drawer glides to improve your kitchen’s overall functionality. This is especially true if you have children, as slamming cabinet doors can damage them over time.

If you are looking to add a little bit of flare, consider applying wallpaper or contact paper to your cabinet faces to create a unique design. You can even install sliding trays in your lower cabinets to store and organize small items like snack packs, cooking utensils and spices. The key is to choose something that fits with your personal taste and will complement the other elements of your kitchen. A good kitchen designer can help you achieve the look you want without compromising the function of your space.


Countertops are more than just the work surface in a kitchen, they add to the overall style and function. Countertops are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and materials, so choosing the right one for your kitchen renovation is key to getting the look you desire.

Granite countertops are a popular option due to their beauty and durability. They’re also resistant to heat, moisture, scratching and staining. However, they can be quite expensive, so it’s important to consider your budget when deciding on this countertop material.

Quartz surfacing is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to granite countertops because of its beauty and longevity. It’s created by binding natural quartz crystals with a resin-based product, which allows for a wide range of color and pattern options. Quartz is non-porous, meaning it’s easy to keep clean and free from bacteria. Quartz is also heat-resistant, though it is recommended to place a barrier between hot pots and pans and the countertop.

Wood countertops are another stylish and durable choice that offers a natural, warm aesthetic to any kitchen design. They’re available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, and can be customized with laser engravings, integrated bowls, or even a butcher block design. Regular oiling is required to maintain their appearance, but if done regularly they can last for years to come.

Laminate is a less expensive, but still highly versatile countertop material. It comes in a large variety of patterns and colors, and can be matched with almost any other countertop material for a coordinated look. However, laminate is vulnerable to heat damage and needs to be sealed regularly to prevent mold and bacteria from forming.

For a bolder and more contemporary look, recycled glass can be used to create a one-of-a-kind countertop. This material is made from clear acrylic or concrete with embedded glass shards that can be in a wide range of colors, from crisp neutrals to bright confetti hues. While this is an eco-friendly option, it’s important to remember that the shards can be sharp and require proper maintenance.


The flooring is the base of your kitchen, so it should be sturdy and durable. It should also be easy to clean and maintain. The type of flooring you choose will depend on your needs and budget. For example, a vinyl floor can be easily cleaned and is suitable for most kitchens. It is also affordable and water-resistant. On the other hand, hardwood floors add a touch of elegance to any kitchen and can increase your home’s value.

A kitchen renovation is an investment, so it’s important to plan your budget carefully. You don’t want to be halfway through the project and realize that you haven’t included all of the necessary expenses. A professional kitchen design service can help you create a realistic budget for your renovation.

Once you’ve determined the size and scope of your kitchen renovation, it’s time to decide what materials and finishes to use. The first step is to choose the type of flooring you’d like to install. There are many different options available, including tile, wood, laminate, and concrete. Each type of flooring has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to research your options before making a decision.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can still update your kitchen with inexpensive upgrades. For instance, you can replace the hardware on your cabinets or spruce up the backsplash. You can even paint the room with a new color to give it a fresh look.

A full kitchen renovation is a more involved remodel that usually involves changing the layout of the room. This may include moving the sink or fridge. It can also involve tearing down walls and adding a pantry. A full kitchen renovation can take up to a year to complete, so it’s important to have a good budget and hire a reputable contractor.

The original tan walls, orange-toned cabinetry and dark flooring in this kitchen created a dated look. Removing the doors and converting two upper cabinets into open shelving helped lighten the space visually. Graphic porcelain tiles and new appliances finish off the modern look.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen renovation. Not only does it illuminate the space so that you can move around, but it also sets the mood and tone for the room. Whether you’re cooking a family meal or chatting with friends, the right lighting can make the difference between a drab and dark space and a warm and inviting atmosphere.

When it comes to kitchen lighting, a layered approach is ideal. Recessed downlights are great for general illumination, while pendant lights and chandeliers are perfect for illuminating kitchen islands and dining areas. Look for energy efficient LED options to help cut down on your energy costs and to ensure your fixtures are safe and effective.

LED strip lights are a flexible kitchen lighting solution that can be used for task lighting under countertops, along cabinet edges, and in other tight spaces. These strips are easy to install and provide a bright, even light that’s ideal for kitchens. You can also use them to highlight decorative items like fine china or vases.

Another great option for kitchens is counter lights, which can be placed over kitchen islands and workspaces. These lights can be angled to focus on specific tasks, and they are available in a variety of stylish designs. They are also more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs and offer a cooler operating temperature, making them safer to touch and easier to replace.

A well-lit kitchen can improve your mood, boost productivity, and increase the value of your home. By choosing the best lighting solutions for your needs and selecting fixtures that complement your kitchen’s design, you can create a functional and beautiful space to enjoy for years to come.

If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, it’s important to create a budget and timeline before you start work. This will help you stay on track and avoid overspending. To avoid any surprises, it’s also helpful to consult with a designer before you begin your project. A professional can help you select the perfect finishes, materials, and features to make your dream kitchen a reality.